The Vision


The Vision of  ‘Abundant Grace of God Maternity Center’  is to

“Share the love of God with the families of Kalinga through Midwifery care”


Abundant Grace of God Maternity Center is a free birth centre that has been set up in Tabuk, the capital of Kalinga.

Georgia and Achao Macad set up Abundant Grace of God Maternity Center in 2007.

Since February 2007 Abundant Grace of God has delivered over 3000 babies free of charge for the families in and around Tabuk.

In 2012 we opened our sister clinic in the remote mountains of Bugnay, Tinglayan.


At Abundant Grace of God we:

•    Provide free pre-natal, delivery and post-partum care.

•    Provide health education and spiritual encouragement for expecting mothers.

•     Act as a post for mobile midwifery into the tribal areas surrounding Tabuk (capital of Kalinga).

•     Provide hands-on training and discipleship for Filipino licensed and aspiring midwives.

•     Encourage and aid local midwives currently working in Kalinga.


2 thoughts on “The Vision

  1. Georgia,
    We are a children’s foundation in Texas looking for organizations like yours and strongly believe and want to focus on the children that die within the first month of their life. Neonatal is where our foundation wants to focus. We have been in existence since 2003 and been supplying essential children’s medicines to organizations we have qualified in developing countries. We are interested in partnering with some one like you and others.
    Lucress Watson and Dick Watson Children’s Foundation
    Cindy Bishop
    Dick Watson
    979-255-5412 cell
    979-828-5890 office


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