Running a ministry takes a lot of people! Here is most of our staff pictured outside the clinic this August 2019.


A big part of my vision for working in Kalinga is to train and equip local midwives. The local college offers a 2-year Midwifery Course but most of the students graduate without ever having done an actual delivery. Since opening in 2007 our clinic has been a part of training over 100 Filipina midwifery graduates.

Our clinic is run by a staff of local Filipinx professionals who are passionate about bringing high quality and loving care to the families of Kalinga. AGGMC employs 9 Registered Midwives, 1 Registered Social Worker, 1 Administrator, 2 emergency drivers, 1 security guard, 1 cook and 1 janitor. Georgia and Achao oversee the running of the organization but the day to day activities are completely in the hands of the local staff.

We often have foreign missionaries come to volunteer at our clinic and they are completely under the supervision and authority of the local Filipinx staff. Our vision is that this ministry will be run by locals for locals.

2 thoughts on “AGGMC Staff

  1. Dear colleagues,
    I am a midwife ,59 years old, from Germany.Last year in Janary I worked with my colleague Giovanna,30 years old, as volunteers in Dulag, Leyte. We helped renovating a Health Center and Birthing Clinic and supported the local midwives in the labour room. We would like to work again as volunteers next January. If you need any help please let us know.
    We are looking forward for your soon reply.
    Kind regards Bettina Kittelmann and Giovanna Giorgio


    1. Good afternoon Bettina and Giovanna,
      We actually have a very busy month in January with visitors. Would there be another month that would work for you? We could possibly use some more midwives to help us as we re-open our remote location in March/April. Please email me at and I will be happy to discuss this more with you.


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