Sponsor a Delivery


Sponsoring a delivery is a great way to get involved with what is happening here in a practical way.

$200 provides one woman with:

1) Complete prenatal care (including vitamins, vaccinations and basic health teachings)

2) Labor and delivery care attended by trained and licensed midwives at our clinic

3) Postpartum care for six weeks after delivery, including breastfeeding and Family Planning counselling



How it’s done:

First: Click on the “Donate” tab above and make a donation. $200 is the suggested amount, but any amount over $50 will be considered a “sponsor” amount and you will receive the “footprint” card.

Second: Email Georgia at gthemidwife@yahoo.com and let her know that you made the donation and whose name you made it in. (ie: you made it in your own name or you want to “sponsor a delivery”  in someone else’s name). Give Georgia the email address and the snail-mail address of the “sponsor”.

Third: Within a week Georgia will send a confirmation email to let you know the information has been received. If you have sponsored in someone else’s name, they will also receive an email with information about the sponsorship made in their name.

Fourth: Within 1-2 months after receipt of the donation, the sponsor will be sent a “thank you” card in the mail which will include the footprints of the baby whose delivery was sponsored as well as a brief story about the family.

Sound like a good idea?

Let’s get started!


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