Check-ups, Tooth pulling and Haircuts??

Yes, you read that title correctly! This November we hosted a Samaritan’s Purse Canada medical mission where we were able to provide all three services and more! On November 7, a team of ten Canadians (Ken, Dr.John, Mercedes, Erin, Stephen, Kelli, Darcy, Rhonda, Laura and Betty) arrived in Tabuk City and promptly jumped up onContinue reading “Check-ups, Tooth pulling and Haircuts??”

How about some numbers?

Today I completed our statistics for 2016 for our clinic.   Number of women enrolled with us for prenatal care: 531 Number of prenatal check-ups performed : 2276    Number of babies born at our clinic: 214   Transport rate for women in labor: 14%    Percentage of deliveries that were first-time moms: 32%   Number of postpartum visitsContinue reading “How about some numbers?”

Baby #2000 !!

This month we celebrated the 2000th baby born at our clinic! For me, this was another signpost of how God keeps providing for us at Abundant Grace of God. The mother who delivered with us had delivered her other two babies with us as well, so this was an especially joyous occasion. Mother and babyContinue reading “Baby #2000 !!”

What about some numbers …

I thought it may interest everyone to hear some numbers from Abundant Grace of God. One of the best things about being supported by a German organization (Geshenke der Hoffnung eV: is that they have forced me to keep track of the things we are doing so that we are able to calculate ourContinue reading “What about some numbers …”

The World Needs More Midwives … Now!

  “Midwives are the unsung heroes of maternal and newborn health. They can prevent about two thirds of deaths among women and newborns. And midwives deliver much more than babies: They are the connective tissue for communities, helping women and girls care for their health, from family planning all the way through the postpartum period.”Continue reading “The World Needs More Midwives … Now!”

Merry Christmas From Tabuk

Christmas is just days away – although we have been playing Christmas music here in the Philippines since September! We have so much to be thankful for this year. We are thankful for: • the 200 plus babies being delivered safely at our clinic. • Marivic and B-lyn passing their board exams and becoming full-fledged RegisteredContinue reading “Merry Christmas From Tabuk”