What’s your excuse?

Yes, it is true that I have been a bad blogger lately! My excuses are all of the following events that happened in the last few months… Okay, first off we delivered identical twin girls at our clinic in the middle of March! This was the mother’s tenth pregnancy. In a regular prenatal check-up herContinue reading “What’s your excuse?”

“In my day, we gave birth in the rice fields!”

by Crystal Meeks The other day I met an elderly lady in her 70s from Bugnay who explained to me how times are changing.   She said in her day, the women were strong and they would give birth in the rice fields, tie the babies to their backs and keep on working. She statedContinue reading ““In my day, we gave birth in the rice fields!””

Life and Death in the Mountains of Kalinga

Did that title get your attention? I hope so! The truth is that our sister clinic in the village of Bugnay is the difference between life and death for many in the remote mountains of Tinglayan, Kalinga. Have you heard the story about the baby that suddenly stopped breathing?   The parents noticed she wasContinue reading “Life and Death in the Mountains of Kalinga”

Rest in Peace Sweet Baby Ashley

We are very sad to say good-bye to Baby Ashley Manzano who has become a big part of our lives over these past four months.  Ashley went home to be with Jesus on Wednesday August 28 after a lifelong battle with repeated lung infections that were never diagnosed. Ashley was born at our clinic onContinue reading “Rest in Peace Sweet Baby Ashley”

Miracle Baby in My Family

I have to tell some very exciting news. My sister-in-law Channic had a healthy baby boy at our clinic last week. This was a miracle. This is Channic’s fifth baby boy. Only one of them has been born alive and was delivered by C-section in 2010. The reason he was born by C-section was thatContinue reading “Miracle Baby in My Family”

Our Second Outreach in the Mountains – by Crystal Meeks

Our second outreach in upper Tinglayan was carried out with more smoothness and excellence than we could have dreamed.  We spent five days hiking through five different Butbut villages that we had never visited before and we held outreaches in three of those villages.  We were more excited than five year olds on Christmas morningContinue reading “Our Second Outreach in the Mountains – by Crystal Meeks”