“I saw a woman almost die giving birth in my village …”

Our clinic in Bugnay has been renovated and re-inspected and re-opened! This week my friend Kathleen and I drove up to visit the Bugnay extension clinic to say hello and bring encouragement … mostly in the form of ice cream :). We have been unofficially open for almost a year now but this month weContinue reading ““I saw a woman almost die giving birth in my village …””

Bugnay Stories

We have been busy getting our Bugnay extension clinic up and running since January this year. Finally in June, all of the Bugnay staff moved up to the centre and began setting up, finishing decorating and organizing and visiting patients! Since we opened our doors again in June, we have performed hundreds of Primary HealthyContinue reading “Bugnay Stories”

“In my day, we gave birth in the rice fields!”

by Crystal Meeks The other day I met an elderly lady in her 70s from Bugnay who explained to me how times are changing.   She said in her day, the women were strong and they would give birth in the rice fields, tie the babies to their backs and keep on working. She statedContinue reading ““In my day, we gave birth in the rice fields!””

Life and Death in the Mountains of Kalinga

Did that title get your attention? I hope so! The truth is that our sister clinic in the village of Bugnay is the difference between life and death for many in the remote mountains of Tinglayan, Kalinga. Have you heard the story about the baby that suddenly stopped breathing?   The parents noticed she wasContinue reading “Life and Death in the Mountains of Kalinga”

The Grand Opening and Five-Year Anniversary

On Saturday February 11 we hosted our Grand Opening of the new clinic building as well as our Five-Year Anniversary celebration! Reinhard Scheumann from “Geshenke der Hoffnung” was even able to come all the way from Germany to help us celebrate. Here are a few pictures of the day and I will post more asContinue reading “The Grand Opening and Five-Year Anniversary”

A New Clinic – Could It Be True?

Since opening in February 2007 we have delivered almost 800 babies free-of-charge. We have outgrown our current location and are planning the building of our very own clinic. We have found a piece of land that is 5 minutes down the road and have put a down payment on it. It is in a beautifulContinue reading “A New Clinic – Could It Be True?”