Check-ups, Tooth pulling and Haircuts??

Yes, you read that title correctly! This November we hosted a Samaritan’s Purse Canada medical mission where we were able to provide all three services and more! On November 7, a team of ten Canadians (Ken, Dr.John, Mercedes, Erin, Stephen, Kelli, Darcy, Rhonda, Laura and Betty) arrived in Tabuk City and promptly jumped up onContinue reading “Check-ups, Tooth pulling and Haircuts??”

Bugnay Stories

We have been busy getting our Bugnay extension clinic up and running since January this year. Finally in June, all of the Bugnay staff moved up to the centre and began setting up, finishing decorating and organizing and visiting patients! Since we opened our doors again in June, we have performed hundreds of Primary HealthyContinue reading “Bugnay Stories”

How about some numbers?

Today I completed our statistics for 2016 for our clinic.   Number of women enrolled with us for prenatal care: 531 Number of prenatal check-ups performed : 2276    Number of babies born at our clinic: 214   Transport rate for women in labor: 14%    Percentage of deliveries that were first-time moms: 32%   Number of postpartum visitsContinue reading “How about some numbers?”

Thank you for Feeding the Village of Pakak

After the typhoon in October, many people donated money for the immediate needs of some of the villages close by. There were supposed to be emergency supplies given by the government but as these things go in the Philippines the supplies did not get to where they were needed. There are 60 families in PakakContinue reading “Thank you for Feeding the Village of Pakak”

Baby #2000 !!

This month we celebrated the 2000th baby born at our clinic! For me, this was another signpost of how God keeps providing for us at Abundant Grace of God. The mother who delivered with us had delivered her other two babies with us as well, so this was an especially joyous occasion. Mother and babyContinue reading “Baby #2000 !!”

Medical Mission to the Mountains

This May, we had an amazing opportunity to work together with a team from Samaritan’s Purse Canada sharing God’s love with the tribal people of Kalinga through a medical mission. The team of 13 people consisted of nurses, dental hygienists, an eyeglass team, support workers and a doctor. We set up camp at the localContinue reading “Medical Mission to the Mountains”

A Midwife’s Story

The following story is a first-hand account from our Bugnay clinic midwife, Karen Ligab. “It was almost 4:00 in the afternoon and I was talking with Achao (my boss) outside the clinic because he was getting ready to go back to the Tabuk clinic, when I noticed many people carrying someone in a hammock towardsContinue reading “A Midwife’s Story”


We just finished an exciting week with a medical mission team sent by Samaritan’s Purse Canada. The team, consisting of doctors, nurses, dentists, an opthamologist and various supporting members, reached out to six Butbut resettlement villages around Tabuk. Hundreds of villagers had teeth filled or pulled, were fitted with glasses and received medical check-ups fromContinue reading “Partners”