Thank you! Love, Baby Jobi

Jobilyn, her parents Benjie and Luk-ay and her “tita” Chel just arrived home from Manila this morning after a week of Doctor’s check-ups and tests in Manila. Because of numerous donations given over a period of just 2 days, Baby Jobilyn was able to get her MRI and will now be able to start a rehabilitation/physiotherapyContinue reading “Thank you! Love, Baby Jobi”

A Plea for Baby Jobilyn

Jobilyn Balagso, from the village of Hilltop Pakak, was born at Abundant Grace of God on November 29, 2009. She was born with both of her legs severely hyperflexed against her chest. When we took her to the local government hospital  they took x-rays that showed she had almost non-existent kneecaps. Then they put castsContinue reading “A Plea for Baby Jobilyn”

A New Clinic – Could It Be True?

Since opening in February 2007 we have delivered almost 800 babies free-of-charge. We have outgrown our current location and are planning the building of our very own clinic. We have found a piece of land that is 5 minutes down the road and have put a down payment on it. It is in a beautifulContinue reading “A New Clinic – Could It Be True?”