We just finished an exciting week with a medical mission team sent by Samaritan’s Purse Canada. The team, consisting of doctors, nurses, dentists, an opthamologist and various supporting members, reached out to six Butbut resettlement villages around Tabuk. Hundreds of villagers had teeth filled or pulled, were fitted with glasses and received medical check-ups fromContinue reading “Partners”

On A Personal Note …

It is a rainy, cool day here in Tabuk City, Kalinga and I am having a quiet day at home. I was thinking that some of my blog readers may be interested in knowing a little about what our day-to-day life looks like here in the Philippines. I imagine most of the joys and strugglesContinue reading “On A Personal Note …”

We Help Babies Breath

At Abundant Grace of God we take our job very seriously. Every day we are faced with the job of keeping moms and babies safe throughout one of the most vulnerable times of both of their lives. This May we had a visiting midwife (Sora Colvin) come to Tabuk and re-certify all the midwives andContinue reading “We Help Babies Breath”

I delivered at Abundant Grace of God because…

I wanted to share some stories from our patients about why they are choosing to deliver at our clinic. Anna* “I was so glad that I delivered here at Abundant Grace of God [Bugnay site] because I felt safe and taken care of well by the staff. Especially that I had a hemorrhage when IContinue reading “I delivered at Abundant Grace of God because…”

An Emergency Transport in the Mountains

I just got back yesterday afternoon from a quick trip to the Bugnay clinic. I was taking one of our partners from Samaritan’s Purse to see the clinic there and also to drop off one of the Tabuk supervising midwives to spend a few weeks with the staff in Bugnay. While there, the staff updatedContinue reading “An Emergency Transport in the Mountains”

What about some numbers …

I thought it may interest everyone to hear some numbers from Abundant Grace of God. One of the best things about being supported by a German organization (Geshenke der Hoffnung eV: is that they have forced me to keep track of the things we are doing so that we are able to calculate ourContinue reading “What about some numbers …”

Celebrate Christmas With Abundant Grace of God

Hi everyone! I came up with a great idea this Christmas. Maybe it’s because I have a hard time thinking of good ideas for Christmas presents, but whatever the reason let me share my idea. When I think of Christmas I often think of Baby Jesus and how his mother delivered him unassisted in aContinue reading “Celebrate Christmas With Abundant Grace of God”