Our Second Outreach in the Mountains – by Crystal Meeks

Our second outreach in upper Tinglayan was carried out with more smoothness and excellence than we could have dreamed.  We spent five days hiking through five different Butbut villages that we had never visited before and we held outreaches in three of those villages.  We were more excited than five year olds on Christmas morningContinue reading “Our Second Outreach in the Mountains – by Crystal Meeks”

Outreach in Ngibat – by Crystal Meeks

   The hike to the village of Ngibat while not physically exhausting was the scariest most adrenalin pumping hike of my life!    It took us more than one hour of sliding down steep inclines to arrive there from the village of ButBut Proper.  Most places was just enough room for one foot in frontContinue reading “Outreach in Ngibat – by Crystal Meeks”