About G the Midwife


G is for Georgia.

My name is Georgia (Gilliland) Macad and I am a Certified Professional Midwife. Myself and my family have been in the province of Kalinga in the northern Philippines since 2007, providing families with maternity care. The isolated province of Kalinga, an area still plagued with tribal wars and poverty, is one of the most beautiful and untouched areas in the Philippines. The people here have historically had little to no access to medical care. In fact, before we began our birthing home in 2007 most of the pregnant women delivered their babies at home on their own, without any prior prenatal care or attending doctor or midwife. Many of these women and babies died due to complications that would have been easily preventable with adequate care from a qualified midwife.

In 2007 my husband Achao and I along with some young local women wanting to study midwifery, set up a maternity clinic to serve the tribal peoples of Kalinga. Since we opened our doors in February 2007 more than 3000 babies have been delivered and over 50 local midwives have been trained.

The Philippines is a developing nation with extreme poverty and corruption and so, I am seeking to find sponsors from outside the country that would be interested in partnering with me for this cause.

I and the people of Kalinga would be so grateful if you would be interested in supporting this charity maternity clinic through the donation of medical supplies or financial support.

You can contact me at director@abundantgraceofgod.com.

I would love to hear from you!

10 thoughts on “About G the Midwife

  1. Kumusta, Georgia!
    I like your new site! Nicely organized, and fun to get updates on some of the stories we read about earlier. God continue to show you His favour in all you do there in Kalinga!


  2. You are such an inspiration to me. I am in the Highlands of Guatemala, began formal midwive studies with a christian school in Arkansas. My goal is to train midwives here as the mortality rate for both mother and child is so high. At the moment we have 50 midwives that came to our first gathering. Some travel a great distance to learn. God bless your work and I will continue to pray for all your projects and needs…


  3. Georgia, Great site! I love reading and hearing about all the wonderful things God is doing through you in Kalinga! Joel and I are hoping to head over to the Philippines next year. It would be fun to see you and meet your lovely family!


  4. Georgia,

    It is a great blessing that the people of Kalinga has found you! What a wonderful way to share what you have to those in need . May the Almighty God continue to work his power and greatness through you and your group. You are all God’s gifts!

    We thank you for your presence and what you do for our country!

    Sarah ,Terry and Lauren


  5. Wow wonderful what you are doing there!I discovered your website by chance..and Im amazed!Bravo!I want to be a midwife and work in Philippines!I like this country so so much and I have been in General Santos 4 months, 2 years ago…
    Now be sure I will be following yor blog!!
    Thank you for what you are doing to these women and babies!
    God bless u.
    A big hello from Switzerland!



  6. Amazing to read about the work you are doing, I am a student midwife in the UK and was researching for a community profile assignment, and decided on the Philippines when I came across your blog FANTASTIC! – planning on doing my elective placement next year in Iloilo, who knows where my career will take me, but you guys are inspirational šŸ™‚


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