Summer Days, Musings and Filipino Independence Day

I admit that these HOT summer days have drained all of my energy and drive to get things done. As I drive my car to the clinic I pass by my neighbours working in their yards, doing their laundry, drying rice on the road … I know they must feel the heat too, but they keep going.

I arrive at the clinic and let out a big sigh followed by “It is so hot!!”. To which my Filipino staff reply, “Yes bossing, it is hot.” Meanwhile in the birth room there is a first time mom labouring quietly to bring her baby into the world. Her midwives try to keep the fans going to keep her cool and keep bringing her water to drink so she stays hydrated. She doesn’t complain, she just keeps labouring in earnest. A little while later the clinic is filled with cries of a newborn baby and there is a happy and exhausted mom.

This post is meant as a tribute to the way the locals here in Kalinga just get things done. They don’t stop to complain about how things difficult something is, or how uncomfortable they are, they just get on with it.

I first came to the Philippines over 15 years ago and the more years I spend here the more beauty I see. Of course there are always frustrations and cultural differences that can make me crazy, but these are usually because I am particularly impatient or uncomfortable that day.

Some of my favourite things about the culture here in Kalinga:

  • Children are treasured. My kids get loved on and smiled at wherever they go.
  • Everyone loves to laugh! Everywhere they go they bring the party šŸ™‚
  • There is a great cultural pride for the way things have been done for hundreds of years. A lot of the times, the original ways are the best ways.
  • Fathers as well as mothers are great caregivers for their little ones. You will often see dads working around the yard with their babies tied on their backs.
  • Sharing is as important a value for adults as it is children. Being told you are generous is one of the highest compliments.

Oh, and the babies here are the absolute cutest! I will leave you here with a picture of one of our sweet babies born at the clinic.

Published by gthemidwife

I am a Certified Professional Midwife working as a missionary and Director of the Abundant Grace of God Maternity Center, Tabuk City, Kalinga Philippines.

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