Medical Mission to the Mountains

The village of Ableg, Pasil.

This April we hosted a group of 19 Canadians from Samaritan’s Purse for a medical mission. This was our 5th Samaritan’s Purse team and we reached out to four new communities and two old ones.

The SP Canada team consisted of three doctors, one Nurse Practitioner, 6 nurses, one EMT and lots of support team members who ran eyeglass clinic, blessed the children in many villages and lead the team.

Lovely translating for Dr. Adel in Pasil.


We went to Malignant and Taga in Pinukpuk, Ableg and Balenciagao in Pasil, and Pakak and Magsaysay in Tabuk City. The Armed Forces of the Philippines joined us again and provided haircuts for kids in all locations. In total, we cared for almost 2000 patients!


The SP Canada team could not have reached as many patients without the help of our big local team of translators, cooks, midwives and helpers.

Me and some of my team heading to the next stop.

Our two weeks together was an example of how two different cultures and backgrounds can work together to bless many more than either could do on their own.

Thank you to our wonderful team of Canadians who gave up time and finances to serve alongside us sharing God’s Love with the Families of Kalinga.

team photo CAN and FIL
The whole combined Canadian/Filipino team! 

Ken and Ann Hastings, Rian and Zelda Du Plooy, Emily Way, Janelle Jeong, Elaine Wall and Taryn Bender, Len and Shelley Hyatt,  Laurin and Ruby Trudel, Brenda Servold, Annita Doherty, Adel Naude, Rick Campbell, April Belsheim, Annamarie Snyman and Erin Neufeld.

(Not to be forgotten, the three Filipinos from Baguio who also joined for half of the mission: Angela, Jonathan and Dennis!)

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I am a Certified Professional Midwife working as a missionary and Director of the Abundant Grace of God Maternity Center, Tabuk City, Kalinga Philippines.

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