Our very own Graduate!

Here is a wonderful story about how God puts people together in miraculous ways!

Melody and her dad at her Graduation.
Melody and her dad at her Graduation.

Two years ago my staff midwife B-lyn asked if there were any sponsors willing to help her cousin finish midwifery school. Her cousin Melody,  is the oldest child of six and her family just didn’t have the funds to put her through school. She had had a sponsor that was helping her  but when she switched her course from Education to Midwifery her sponsor decided that he didn’t want to continue funding her education.

I told B-lyn that I didn’t know of anyone at that time but that we should pray and ask God to work something out.

We prayed.

God answered.

A few weeks after we prayed, Deanne Hancock, a fellow 1992 MEI grad (that was my highschool) who I probably haven’t spoken to in person since 1992, emailed me and asked if there was anyone I knew of that she could support through Midwifery school. She was wanting to give to something that would have a lasting effect.  Yes, I definitely knew of someone!

So for the last two years Deanne has sponsored Melody through Midwifery school  while we have given Melody hands-on training at the clinic.

” I’m thrilled that such a relatively small contribution can have the potential to have a positive effect on Melody and multiply to everyone she helps as well.”  – Deanne

Melody graduated this March 2013 and is now volunteering with us at AGGMC until she writes her board exam and gets her license.

God is so cool!

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I am a Certified Professional Midwife working as a missionary and Director of the Abundant Grace of God Maternity Center, Tabuk City, Kalinga Philippines.

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