Surprise Home-birth – by Cathee Mapes

This is a first-hand account of a home-birth that Cathee Mapes (our Well-Baby Co-ordinator) experienced this month. Cathee and her husband Chris and their family have recently moved to the village of Pakak and this is one of their crazy experiences!


“I heard a loud knock at our door and my name being called at 4:38 AM.  I opened the door and there she was on the stairs softly moaning and grunting.  “I just came to ask if you can check me and see if it’s time for me to push….”

Her name is Kadchi, one of the regular attendees to our  Well-Baby Initiative every first Wednesday of the month in the village of Hilltop.  This is her seventh pregnancy. 

The staff of Abundant Grace of God clinic were here the day before to do  prenatals, and they checked Kadchi.  Her blood pressure was a little high so they gave a pill to help lower it, and since she was already in early labor, she was advised to call or text the clinic any time her labor starts to pick up.  But then she was shy to ask somebody to text the clinic that night, and she just hoped she won’t give birth until later the next day.

I scrambled to find gloves to use and asked Kadchi to come up the house so I can check her.  She laid down on some cardboard boxes right there on our kitchen floor.  My husband Chris calls Georgia to tell her what’s happening.  Kadchi started to push involuntarily…I check her and the baby’s head was right there.  I ask her daughter to call one of the ladies in the village who has a blood pressure cuff and who also volunteered for some time at Abundant Grace of God clinic.  Two big pushes, panting, and 1 small push later, a baby girl came out and cried right away!  I lift up a thanksgiving praise to God!  Anita, with the bp cuff came to check her blood pressure, it was 140/90, much lower than the day before. My husband found a pair of sterile scissors, we tie the baby’s cord with a dental floss, cut it, and then let her feed some more.  Kadchi’s other kids came and were very happy to see their new sister.  They named her Miriam Faith…”

We don’t have a picture of Kadchi and Cathee but we were called to come pick up a laboring woman in Pakak two days later and we just missed the birth! Well, it could be because she didn’t call us until the baby was almost born! Here is a picture of Chel attending to mom and baby after the birth.

Chel attending to a baby born at home 2 days later in the village of Pakak – we were 5 minutes too late!

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I am a Certified Professional Midwife working as a missionary and Director of the Abundant Grace of God Maternity Center, Tabuk City, Kalinga Philippines.

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